Engineering and Manufacturing the Passenger Locomotive,

Iran Safir (ER 24 PC)

Iran Safir passenger locomotive Engineering and manufacturing Project includes 150 diesel-electric locomotives with transferring technical knowledge from SIEMENS Company. Now, MAPNA locomotive company which has been successfully executed this project and the mass production of locomotive and provided supply chain, has been verified by valid international resources and has several advanced technologies including welding design and engineering of the rail vehicle.

Distinctive characteristics of Iran Safir Locomotive

  • Equipped with EP brake system (electro- pneumatic brake)
  • Equipped with power generator to be used in passenger wagons (HEP)
  • Equipped with advanced passenger bogies with specific design and maximum speed of 160 km/h
  • Utilizing of Common Rail system in diesel engine, Traction control, reducing pollution and fuel consuming.
  • The diesel engine of this locomotive is manufactured by MTU company, one of the newest and latest design of diesel engine designs for rail application in the world
  • special design for Locomotive Body to make connection with  passenger wagons and also to be used in push- pull combination.


According to localization point, the purpose of Mapna locomotive was that to be able to localize more than 40% of manufacturing, but now due o the perfect cooperation of affiliated companies of Mapna Group and  utilizing the domestic facilities, locomotive manufacturing local share is raised to more than 50%.


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