Design and Consulting Services for Rail Fleet

Mapna Locomotive company while is executing other manufacturing projects has product development plans which is mainly the know-how development of the current products and to implement design processes. To achieve this target, Mapna locomotive has defined and executed some R&D projects on rail fleet to create the atmosphere for product design and development. Therefore MAPNA locomotive Company has been prepared and experienced to present consulting services for design and manufacturing rail fleet.

Design capabilities and research capacities are as below :

1. Design , engineering and stress analysis of various types of locomotives and other rolling stock


2 .Design, engineering and stress analysis if bogie frame of railway fleet


3. Design and simulation of Locomotive carbody and bogie frame parametric models.


4. Design and analysis of the dynamic behavior of locomotives utilizing the advanced software.


5. Design and manufacturing of the facilities for locomotive production line such as fully automatic railway application batteries charger and recondissioner


6. Design and manufacturing automatic machine for locomotive wiring tester.



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