Body manufacturing shop:

The locomotive body and its accessories are mostly metal structures which have to be built using the welding process. The manufacturing process is going on utilizing several facilities as jigs, cranes, welding machines, ….. a main part of this hall is the bogie frame production line which is fully equipped with special tools and facilities for frame manufacturing.


Paint Shop :

Mapna locomotive company is owner of one of the best facilitated paint shops for railway rolling stock in MENA. This paint shop is equipped with sandblast cabins, Paint cabins, dryer area, surfacing and coating areas in which the whole process for the coating and painting processes are being done with the best quality according to customer requirements and international standards.


Assembly shop:

Mapna locomotive assembly hall is equipped to provide all facilities and areas for Locomotive mechanical and electrical assembly, Test and Commissioning. Moreover the whole process for preparation of pre-assembled subsystems to be assembled on the locomotive, are being done in this area. The bogie assembly and test process is also undertaken here utilizing advanced bogie test and assembly machines here.


Test and commissioning section  :

The commissioning of the locomotives are the last process in the locomotive production line which consists of routine locomotive checking and defined tests. The test area is equipped with a test line in which all electrical and mechanical functions of locomotive goes under test. In addition another test area is the looped line around the factory for performing the locomotive yard test. The delivery of the locomotive to the customer is also being done at last.


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