Mapna Locomotive engineering and manufacturing company is the main company in Mapna rail section. This company was established in 2007 and started with a huge scale project, the production of 150 ER24 Locomotives under license of Siemens company. The  Iransafir passenger locomotive is under manufacturing utilizing the advanced technology. 

Company profile:

·         Construction Start Date: October 2008

·         Production and Commissioning Start Date: July 2010 (21 Months from start date)

·         Area: 160,000 sqm,

·         industrial space(area): 45,000 sqm, administrative and backing space: 12,000 sqm  (a total of 57,000 sqm for phase 1)

·         Production capacity: 120 locomotives and rail vehicles per year (phase 1)


Mapna Locomotive company is equipped with:


·         Bogie  Workshop

·         Body (carbody) Workshop

·         Coloring(Painting) Workshop

·          Assembly Workshop

·         Test Shops required for manufacturing of various locomotives



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